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6 March EGormat weekly News paper

Banjara womens celebrating Diwali….

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Vasantraoji Naik Jayanti at Jalgaon Maharashtra

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Rashtriya Banjara Tigers Celebrated Vasantraoji Naik Jayanti In Presence of onerable Manishdada Jain(MLC,Jalgaon),Bhilabhau Sonawane(Ex Z.P.President),Dilip Khodpe sir(President Z.P.Jalgaon),and others…Atmaram Jadhav…National President ..Rashtriya Banjara Tigers.

Celebration of Vasantraoji Naik Jayanti at Jalgaon(Maharashtra)

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Celebration of Vasantraoji Naik Jayanti at Jalgaon(Maharashtra)

Meeting with National President Atmaram Jadhav

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Banjara Bhai Bhenen Jai Sevalal

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    Welcome to Banjaratigers.blog.com


  Banjara friends wecome to Rashtriya Banjara Tigers . This is a non Polytical Organisation working for the Banjara Peoples.  We are getting all Banjara peoples together for our rights.Banjara is only one samaj(cast) which using a common language in all over the India , so we are proudup as we are Banjara.RASHTRIYA BANJARA TIGERS is a social organasation working for the Banjara community.We have to appoint all the State Presidents and there state body with all District Presidents.If you are devoted for the society or wiling to work in this Organisation please contact to the  National President Mr.ATMARAM JADHAV(Vadtiya) 0n 9730622311 or write a letter on below address. Email:atmaram.jadhav@yahoo.co.in

  60,Ground Floor New B.J.Market Jalgaon(M.S.)pin 425001

      Phone:0257 3207033